Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chapter 3: Addendum

Chapter 3 Addendum

Regan looked back and forth between Daryl and Harrison. She had already left Harrison once before, though at least time time there was only a tiny fraction of the number of witnesses. And while Daryl was proving to be loyal and sweet, she still did not know who she could trust. She hung her head.

 “Harrison, I love you. I barely remember a time when we weren’t together,” she started.

 Harrison moved to invite her into his arms. “I know, hon,” he answered, not even looking towards Daryl. 

But instead of bringing her into an embrace, he stopped with her hand on his chest. “But,” she continued, “I can’t be with you tonight. I just can’t.”

 She turned to look at Daryl. “I need to be alone.”

 Daryl nodded. “I’ll make sure the car’s taken care of.” He turned and started down the steps towards the street. Regan watched him walk around the car, and wave at her quickly before slipping back into the driver’s seat.

 Harrison was a lot less charitable. “I can’t believe you’re giving up on us.”

 Regan shook her head and turned back to him. “I’m not. It’s one night. I just need one night.” She put down her hand and folded into him. His arms did feel warm around her.

 It seemed like an eternity but she had to pull back. She pushed up on her toes to kiss his cheek and slip inside, leaving him on the porch.  She finally allowed herself the yawn that had been brewing and stretched.

 She could survive one day alone.

The story continues into chapter 4


  1. though at least time time

    1. Thanks for the eye. I admit that while I did my best to catch all of the typos a few do creep in, usually in chapters with less time between writing and posting.


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