Friday, July 13, 2012

Chapter 4: Addendum

Chapter 4 Addendum

Regan held her face in her hands.  “Anything is better then waiting around for Harrison to show up.”  She turned to look at her friend, Emma.  “I can’t face him tonight.”

Emma shook her head sympathetically.  “Certainly not with blood dribbling down your chin.”

Her hand shot to her mouth to wipe it clean.  “Right.  So.  I’ll take a shower and then we...”  Her voice trailed off for a moment.  She was really quite lost.  She felt drawn towards retreating to her regular hiding place at the pub, the one retreat both on and off campus where she could just relax and forget about work, forget about classes and forget about life. On the other hand, she knew so little about her kind, had no vampire contacts to turn to and was truly alone.

She had never really been alone before.  Roommates, boyfriends, family, there had always been people there.  No?  It was just her and the world.

And it scared her witless.

Regan could see Emma watching her, waiting patiently.  “Right,” Regan started again.  “I’m taking a shower and we’re going to see this J.”  She pushed off of the couch.  “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“We could both die?”

Regan did not look back as she took the stairs up to her bedroom.  “I’m already dead.  It’s about time you started to catch up.”

The story continues into Chapter 5

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