Friday, July 20, 2012

Chapter 5: Addendum

Chapter 5:  Addendum

Regan looked at her small stack of chips, then stole a glance towards Paul’s.  The night had not been overly kind to him.  She could smell his frustration as easily as she could smell the cheap scotch he was drinking.  Even so, there was still a good amount of money there, and forcing him all-in would be a challenge unto itself.

She picked up a pair of chips and tried to suavely roll them between her fingers.  Having no talent for such, the two discs slipped free and rolled into the center of the table.

The dealer nodded and turned to Serenity to wait for her ante.

Regan sat back in her chair and nodded, trying to look smug.  She was fairly sure she failed.  Now it was just a matter of goading him into wagering the pen.

Our story continues into Chapter 6.

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