Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chapter 10 Addendum

Chapter 10 Addendum

Regan watched the tail lights of Harrison’s car disappear down the road, and then round the corner.  She stood next to the road for a few more minutes before crossing the parking lot and sitting down on the curb.  The dull red light of the neon lights cast long shadows along the pavement.  Pulling her knees up to her chin she sat, her phone in hands, and cried.

It struck her, finally, that it was over with Harrison.  She knew, somewhere, this was a good thing, but the rest of her body was not prepared to reconcile that.  She had shared her life with him for almost ten years, and now that was done.  The blood continued to roll down her cheeks, like so many slow-motion tears.

She had no idea how long she sat there, alone in the night.  She did not even look at the time when she started to send out a text, asking for a ride home.  The phone attached her location to the message.  She considered, briefly, trying to fly or to run super fast, but even if either were possible to her, she had no energy to try them.  She simply wanted to get someplace safe, someplace dark, and sleep as long as she could.

Perhaps she would enter into one of those long sleeps that vampires awoke from, and she would open her eyes on the year 2062, with flying cars, and advanced cybernetics, and whatever else the science fiction of her youth had promised.  She mused on what the world would be like in fifty years until a car pulled up in the parking lot.

Today was not that future.  

And she had to learn to live, today.

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