Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chapter 11 Addendum

Chapter 11 Addendum

Regan looked at the two hunters bound before her.  The man glared at her angrily while the woman continued her silent pleading.  They had heard every word Stacy had said, and with them the confirmation that they were to be subjects in some wicked ritual.  The fact that the petite vampire was not planning to stay only added to the tension.

Taking the vials, Regan looked at her “older sister”. The smaller vampire shook her head.  

“This is a mistake,” Stacy said.

Regan pressed her lips together as she let the vials roll over her palms.  “I need a clean balance sheet and this will get it for me.  Starting tonight I will be free of debt.  I went to that meeting for the Earl, and this blood will settle things with Jeramiah.  Tonight I can be my own woman again.”

She tried not to think about Harrison, or how long they had been together.  She blocked out the thoughts of every boyfriend and lover before him.  When was the last time she really had been her own woman?

It did not matter.  Tonight was her night.

“Tell Mr. Windsor that I accept his offer and wish to remain for the ritual.”

Stacy said nothing more, only reaching out to give Regan’s arm a squeeze before disppearing up the stairs and out of the cellar.  Regan watched her go before setting the glass tubes on a nearby wine keg.

There were collections to be made.

Our story continues into Chapter 12

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