Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chapter 8 Addendum

Stacy looked concerned.  “Do you want backup?  I mean, me or Daryl can go with you.”

Regan shook her head.  “I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to do this alone.”  She brushed her hair back and tried to focus.  “I mean, it’s just a look around, right?  He doesn’t expect me to kill anyone or anything.”

“Just remember to breathe,” Stacy offered.

“Yeah,” Regan forced a smile. “Just stay relaxed.”

Stacy’s eyes widened with a touch of concern.  “No, I mean literally.  You don’t breathe normally now, and they’re going to notice that.  And if they do notice it they’re probably going to stake you and leave you for the sunrise which, while pretty to see, is also pretty fatal to see.”

Regan felt her cheeks cooling as the blood drained from them.  “Oh.  Right.”

Our story continues into Chapter 9

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