Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chapter 12 Addendum

Chapter 12 Addendum

Regan glanced between the two other people in the car.  What had she been doing for the last week?  Bouncing from task to task, rarely having a moment to consider what it was she wanted out of her new existence.  Even the choice to open her own practice had been based on the norms of her human life.  She had an eternity to acculumate wealth, why did she feel a need to stockpile it now?  For twenty eight years she had played the games that other people had laid out, quietly respecting her elders, her superiors, her betters.

Now she was a vampire; she was the better.

“What kind of music does this band play?”  She smiled at Daryl.  Life was going to begin in a way she could not predict and it thrilled her.  

Daryl stared back at her through the rearview mirror.  “I’m not sure.  It’s a little like jazz, but it’s got some synths that work in on a music loop, usually featuring some overdriven power cords from the one guy’s guitar.  But it’s all supposedly inspired by aboriginal chants that this one girl, Zoe, is totally into.  She’s dating the drummer, and it’s really-”

Regan cut him off.  She put a hand on Stacy’s shoulder.  “Do you think they need to see your identification?”

Stacy winked.  “They so don’t need to see my identification.”

“Then let’s be groupies tonight.”  She leaned back in the seat.  “And tomorrow night, we’re going to be rock stars.”

Our story continues into Chapter 13

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