Friday, September 14, 2012

Chapter 13 Addendum

Regan nodded at Stacy once then turned her attention to the phone call.

“I’m afraid,” she started as casually as she could manage, “I won’t be able to come to his home.  I suggest we meet at Sharon’s in Royal Oak.”

“You would like the Vampire Earl of Detroit to meet you at a steakhouse?”  Stephanowski’s voice was terse and frustrated.

Regan could sense that this was an option the Earl’s assistant was willing to compromise on.  “I can’t imagine why he would object if all he wants to do is talk.  Is there something else planned for the meeting that I should be aware of?”

There was a long pause on the line.  “The Earl will be arriving at midnight at Sharon’s.  I advise you, strongly, to be waiting for him.”  The line went dead.

Regan wondered if she would be facing a similar fate, as well.

Our story continues into Chapter 14

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