Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chapter 14 Addendum

Chapter 14 Addendum

Regan’s mind raced with options.  Her best friend since second grade was walking, willingly, into the night with a vampire, presumably, to be a late night snack.  But how could she expect to come between the Earl’s personal right hand blood sucker?  What could she possibly do to stop Klarissa from using some kind of mystical power to seduce Emma and whisk her into the dead of night?

“You can’t leave,” Regan blurted out stalling for time.

Emma’s eyes remained transfixed on the other vampire standing over her.  “I can’t?” she asked, dreamily.

Klarissa did not slow her polite, sensual coercion.  “Of course you can, Emma.  Come, Regan will manage just fine with you.”

“Maybe, but you still need to settle your bill.”  Money was the first coherent thing to spring to Regan’s mind.

“My what?”  Emma’s eyes were half closed.

“Your bill.  You haven’t paid for dinner yet and that is not only illegal but it has wide reaching fiscal impact on every corner of the food service sector.”

It worked once before, maybe it would work again.

Our story continues into Chapter 15

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