Friday, September 28, 2012

Chapter 15 Addendum

Chapter 15 Addendum

Regan weighed her options again.  She had never dealt much with the police.  There were a few cases where she had been called to testify to some kind of forensic accounting situation, but that had usually been more with the district attorney rather than the police themselves.  She felt completely out of her element.

“What about Stacy?” she finally asked.  “Think she has someone who can get this all to go away?”

Larry considered that.  “The baby-biter does have some time around town.  It’s not the worst idea I’ve heard all night.”

Emma spoke up.  “She eats babies?”

“Nah,” Larry responded, starting the car into gear.  “She’s just a perma-teen.”

“Still not following,” Emma said again, looking to Regan for an answer.

“She was made into a vampire when she was a teenager so she,” Regan paused briefly.  “She’s locked for eternity at the age of fifteen.”

Emma paled.  “Having to suck blood, I could handle.  But an eternity of high school?  No way.”

Our story continues into Chapter 16.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mr. Osterman had to take a week off and instead offered this short story to tide readers over.

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