Monday, January 7, 2013

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Regan and the gentleman settled into a table at the back of the bar area.  He had been quite the gentleman, his hand in the small of her back as they walked through the crowd, not pressing her forward but simply reassuring her that he was still with her.  With a gentle touch on her right side he had steered her towards the corner booth, secluded, shadowed and far removed from the bulk of the patrons.

She knew on some level that she should resist, that it was a bad idea to be so trusting.  She had been burned so many times that there was no reason to believe that this time would be any different.  She glanced over at her companion as he took his seat and slid along the vinyl padded bench towards her.  Perhaps it was his unassuming demeanor, or perhaps it was his disarming smile.  She just felt comfortable with him.

There were no scents of mistrust, fear or disdain that she often detected around most mortals.  In fact all she could really smell was the rich aroma of her wine and the bitter tang of his beer.