Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

"You look ravishing."

Thomas smiled that genuine smile that made Regan's cheeks burn with nerves.  She turned and faced the long mirror hanging in her living room.  She had work to do this evening, possibly a life to save.  That was if her suspicions were true and Jeremiah, Lord of the Library of the Straits, did have something planned.  Regan was making a point not to think about the number of vampires that would be at this party and the fact that this was her own first introduction to most of them.

She had to admit that she looked good.  The dress fit like a glove, tailored with the kind of precision that only a master, and fourteen thousand dollars, could produce.  Emma had been waiting at dusk with her tackle box of makeup and a stylist friend.  Henri had already come and gone, insisting on making some last moment adjustments to bust and to the back draping.  He had looked tired and Regan was forced to wonder if he had slept at all from the night before.  His work done, he had kissed her cheeks and gave her a final look, his eyes a little wet.  Regan supposed it a mix of professional pride and fatigue overtaking him.  Even Shannon, her newly hired personal assistant, had arrived promptly at nine thirty to provide Regan with her first meal of the day.  She was currently sleeping it off upstairs.