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Main Cast:

Regan Fairchild
Race:  Vampire, Blood of Coins
First Appearance:  Chapter 1

Regan lived the life she was supposed to live.  College degree?  Check.  Handsome fiance?  Check.  Good paying job in a suburban office?  Check.  Everything was going well until she realized it wasn't.  That was the moment she looked into Harrison's eyes and in front of two hundred friends and family said, "I don't."

Her life among the undead is not proving to be much of a major change, complete with extensive on-the-job training.  Where before she was content to just live from day to day, she now finds herself desperate to stay undead night to night.

Daryl, the Thrall
Race:  Human/ Vampire Thrall
First Appearance:  Chapter 1

Pick up the laundry, Daryl.  Get the car detailed, Daryl.  Make sure no one enters my crypt during the day, Daryl.  The life of a thrall has proven to represent much of a change for Daryl.  Still, it's not a bad life.  He's safe from being fed on, has a steady pay check, gets to drive hot cars all over Metro Detroit.

Things changed when he attended his first rising.  Scared of her, then drawn to her, he wants to help Regan but has no idea how.  Will he work his way back into her unlife as a friend?  As a companion?  As a lover?

Race:  Human
First Appearance:  Chapter 3

He got a latte.  She got a cocktail of syrups coating a single drop of coffee.  He teased her.  She fell in love with him.  Life was perfect.  Or it was perfect until she failed to say the magic words and become his wife.

Harrison's life was on a steady track until that moment, and he is committed to righting the ship and restoring order in the chaos of the night.  Whatever sin he committed to drive away Regan, he could atone and win her back.  It is only a matter of time.

Emma Johansson
Race:  Human
First Appearance:  Chapter 4

Some friendships are the stuff of legends, the bonds that are forged over a shared Oreo and a half glass of milk in second grade and then remain true through boyfriends, proms, breakups, failed weddings and, yes, even through death.  Regan lived a normal life by the book; Emma wrote her own book with crayons.

Emma is a full time blogger, managing variety of websites where she talks about political issues one moment and is writing out the perfect jambalaya recipe the next.  When not writing she is either researching her next blog post or engaging in one of her dozens of hobbies, from mixed martial arts through macrame.

Previously in Mind the Thorns:

In Issue 1 (Chapters 1-3)
Chapter 1, Addendum, Chapter 2, Addendum, Chapter 3

Our story begins in Regan's coffin.  She awakens in darkness, realizing quickly that she is still in her wedding dress.  Using the light from "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" iPod, she finds a box buried with her.  Inside is a blood bag and a black rose.  She drinks the blood and climbs out of her grave only to find two men waiting for her.  They say they are there to take her to see the Earl of Detroit and that her maker has been killed.

The three travel to the Earl's horse farm in Oxford.  Along the way she gets to know Daryl, one of the two thralls.  There is a brief stop at a twenty four hour department store where she gets something clean to wear and realizes that her sense of smell is hyper sensitive.  When she meets the Earl, he formally welcomes her with a rehearsed speech and dismisses her.  She presents the rose she found in her coffin to him, and he accepts it, though she learns from the Earl's assistant that it is considered rude to bring gifts to presentations.

Deciding that she needs to get home, Regan borrows one of the Earl's cars and is driven home by Daryl.  He explains a little more about what he knows of vampires.  When they arrive at her townhouse, Harrison is waiting for her.  He has been staying there since the failed wedding, hoping she will come home.  He assures her that he will help her figure out what happened and why she did not go through with the nuptials.  She is unsure if she can rekindle their relationship and is forced to chose between Harrison, Daryl, or spending the night alone.

In Issue 2 (Chapters 4 - 6)
Chapter 3 AddendumChapter 4AddendumChapter 5AddendumChapter 6

Regan wakes, alone,  to a profound hunger, with her best friend for life right there ready to be sucked dry.  Instead, Regan charges up from the basement and tries to find a way to avoid Emma.  There is a delievery girl there with a cooler for Regan and she becomes Regan's first live feeding.  Fortunately she is stopped when Emma calls to her.  Regan's effort to attack Emma fails; Emma is a blogger and has time for things like self defense.  The delivery girl is actually still happy to have been fed from, and goes her way leaving Regan to tell Emma about her new life.

She is summoned by the mysterious J to a resturant in town.  She goes there and finds a poker game in progress.  She joins the game and proceeds to win the first pot.  Frustrated one of the other players, the only human swears he will win it back.  Regan recieves another note from J asking her to procure a gold Cross pen from the human.  On the next hand they go round for round of raises until he puts up the pen and she puts up her diamond necklace.  Ultimately neither wins the hand, but she is given the pen anyway for being so entertaining.  She goes down to the street and looks for J, pen in hand.

There she does find J, riding in the back of a limosuine SUV.  They ride through the night and he tells her more of vampire philosophy and that his interest in her comes from an affection for her now deceased maker.  Jeremiah explains that every region is allowed only a certain number of vampires.  If someone makes one more than is allowed, the maker is slain to keep the balance.  Before he can tell her more, however, they are attacked by vampire hunters.

In Issue 3 (Chapters 7-9)
Chapter 6 AddendumChapter 7AddendumChapter 8AddendumChapter 9

The hunters close in on Jeremiah and Regan.  Regan takes up a pistol and steps out of the SUV Limo to fire back at them.  The guns are a way to fight without using their vampire powers and creating evidence that vampires are real.  Regan is shot several times, thinking at first that the lack of pain means she is bulletproof.  She is mistaken and collapses from blood loss.  She awakens with Daryl in an ambulance.  He does not say how she was rescued but implies that it was not pleasant.

They spend the day at the home of Stacy, a teen-aged looking vampire.  She was the one who had enthralled Daryl and brought him into the fold.  Stacy becomes a kind of big sister to Regan, helps her continue to transition to feeding on humans, and learn some basics of surviving in vampire politics.

A few days later, the Earl sends Regan to a Vampire Hunter Recruitment Meeting.  There she hears a mix of stories from the truly irrational to the deeply pitiable.  She pretends to be Emma and explains that she is at the meeting because her friend was turned into a vampire.  The organizer, Brother Sam, begins to show them images of what vampires can do.  One of the pictures is of Regan getting shot and still standing.  They all look at her and she realizes that they know.  She is a vampire.

In Issue 4 (Chapters 10-12)
Chapter 9 Addendum, Chapter 10, Addendum, Chapter 11, Addendum, Chapter 12

Regan has no choice but to talk her way out of the situation.  Using some gift of her Vampiric blood, she is able to convince the assembled hunters that they could make better financial use of their time by buying the latest video game and playing that for hours and hours.  The cost of bullets to kill her, she argues, will be better spent on that which offers hours and hours of game play.  She is able to keep them mesmerized with this "logic" long enough to escape to the parking lot where Harrison is watching.  He has found her through her phone's Family Locator plan and wants to know she is alright.  The spell is broken, and the two escape.  In the car, Regan confesses that she left Harrison at the altar because she just wanted more than contentment.

She wanted passion, joy, and excitement.  She asks to be left on the side of the road.  He obliges her.

Regan wakes and is greeted to another night by Shannon, the delievery girl from last week and her first living snack.  Shannon has a package for Regan, her handbag from the night they fought off the hunters.  Regan feeds on Shannon and hires her as a "retainer" to come collect packages twice a week.  Stacy calls and asks Regan to come to the Blood of the Book Grand Library.  There Regan finds two of the hunters bound and gagged.  She is asked to collect blood for some ritual.  She agrees.

After collecting blood from the two hunters and making her own contribution, Regan is met by Jeremiah, the Master of the Library.  He is joined by a living statue gargoyle, one of the many that decorate the manor house and grounds.  He takes the blood offerings and dismisses Regan.  Outside she joins up with Stacy and Daryl.  Daryl's friend is playing in a band and they agree that they are young, beautiful and immortal.

Let the party begin.

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