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Voting Rules and Policies:

Vote early.  Vote often.

What makes Mind the Thorns unique from other web serials is you, dear reader, and your direct impact on the story.  Regan is growing through your advice and guidance, and becoming the character you, or at least the majority of you, wish her to be.  As such your votes are crucial to our endeavor.

Here are the ways you can vote and you may, absolutely, vote more than once by using each venue:

1)  Vote in the poll

At the end of the chapter is posted a poll.  This poll is also connected to the one that appears at the bottom of the blog itself.  Simply vote and it will be tallied.  This is the "official" vote and when it is closed, voting for the week is done.

2)  Vote in the comments

Any comment that includes a "vote" will be counted separately from the votes in the poll.  The comments that you, dear reader, leave help Mr. Osterman flesh out the story even more than just democratic poll does.  That also means you can vote twice by simply clicking on the poll and leaving a comment explaining your vote.  Please note that comments comprised of a single word or letter do not count as comments.  Mr. Osterman's day job is as a teacher:  full sentences for credit, readers.

3)  Vote on Facebook

The Facebook Poll goes up on Wednesdays.  It is not posted sooner to avoid spoiling anyone who has not yet read up to the point where the choices must be made.  Feel free to cast your vote and share the question with friends.

4)  Vote via Twitter

You may tweet your votes as well.  Please send them as a public tweet to @FictionalOmen and include the hashtag "#MindTheThorns".  If you want to include the web address with your vote that would be appreciated, but it is absolutely optional.

All four manners of voting are open to all readers to be used one time each (for a total of four separate votes) every week.

Comment Policy:

When you post a comment to this story you are freely and openly contributing to its progression and development. As such you grant the author or his editorial staff permission to use your comments in promotion, publication, development, and any other applicable means or purposes. You further grant the author the right to republish your comments, in whole or in part, with or without citation in electronic or print form, either of which may be "for profit". Any creative content provided in these comments is considered to be offered freely and without the expectation of compensation.

Comments which are disruptive, inappropriate or otherwise pose to harm the community helping to foster and guide this creative work may be deleted at the author's discretion.

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